MuzicLight - Red

MuzicLight - Red

The Red MuzicLight bears a likeness to the look and feel of an active volcano in the western Pacific Ocean. The glow of molten magma rock flowing from the earth's upper crust is captivating to watch. It is also dangerous and unpredictable. After all, that's what your instrument truly is... captivating, unpredictable, and dangerous. It's not a piece of grandma's china locked away in some neglected case only to be brought out a few times a year for family get-togethers. Your instrument is a lion. The Red MuzicLight is the key that busts that lion out of its cage and put's it back onto the wild grasslands of your living room.

  • Features

    • Safely holds up to 30 pounds
    • Displays instrument in a wash of light
    • Hardware kit included
    • Batteries included
    • Over 100 hours of battery life before dimming
    • No Exposed Hardware
    • New backplate design with easy access to the battery compartment
  • Return & Refund Policy

    • 30-day no question return (less shipping)
    • 90-day manufacturer guarantee
  • Disclaimer

    Product does not come with plaster wall anchors