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Our Green MuzicLight brings the pro feel of the "Green Room" to your "regular room". No one likes getting to the green room before a show only to find some generic water bottles and a ream of chocolate chip cookies. Nothing against chocolate chip cookies, but seriously, where the heck are the craft beers and New York Strips? I swear that was on the Rider. The Green MuzicLight has the look of someone who takes music seriously, even if your tour promoter doesn't. 

  • Features

    • Safely holds up to 30 pounds
    • On/Off Switch 
    • Hardware kit included
    • AA Batteries included
    • Over 100 hours of battery life before dimming
    • No Exposed Hardware
    • New backplate design with easy access to the battery compartment
  • Return & Refund Policy

    • 30-day no question return (less shipping)
    • 90-day manufacturer guarantee
  • Disclaimer

    Product does not come with plaster wall anchors