Plaster Wall Installation Instructions

There are two types of walls to hang an item on: drywall or plaster. The MuzicLight bracket comes with drywall hangers, the following steps are the installation instructions for those who have a plaster wall. 

Installation Instructions

Step 1:

PH wall 2.jpg

This is an actual plaster wall. One cannot tell the difference by appearance.  The supplied anchors in the wall hanger plastic will not work in plaster. With a piece of cardboard we will illustrate how to mount the MuzicLight on Plaster. 


Step 2:

If you have tried to mount the back plate with the drywall anchors, remove them. You may have holes left that look like this. If no existing holes drill a 3/8 hole in wall.

These holes are rough. It's okay. The bracket will end up covering it. 

Step 3:


Install the 1/8" Toggle anchors onto the back plate. Screw the butterfly wingnuts onto the screws. Leave about an 1/8' of threads showing

Step 4:


Insert the butterfly wingnuts into the wall.

Step 5:


Tighten the screws against the back side of the wall.

Step 6:


After the back plate is tight slide the MuzicLight over the back plate.

Step 7:


Install steel fork assembly, place guitar in holder. Enjoy your MuzicLight